What can I do for you?

These are the services I can offer you:

Translation of general documents

As a graduate translator, I prepare professional translations of your documents – mainly in the following language combinations:

  • French -> German
  • German -> French
  • Englisch -> German
  • Italian -> German
  • Upon request and in cooperation with native speaking colleagues, I can also offer you translations into the English or Italian languages.

    Moreover, I can certify my translations, as I am authorised by the President of the Higher Regional Court Hamm. For further information about the certification of translations, see below.

    Translation of technical documents

    In addition to general documents, I am specialised in the translation of documents from the following fields:

  • Official documents and contracts
  • Websites and brochures
  • Tourism
  • Gastronomy and hotel industry
  • Economy and commerce
  • I translate technical documents from other fields on demand. It is done in cooperation with colleagues specialised in the respective areas.

    Translations of technical documents can also be certified. For further information please see below.

    Certification of translations

    As I have an official authorisation as a translator from the Higher Regional Court Hamm, I certify my translations for public authorities and courts.

    Here are examples of documents that may need an authorisation:

  • Documents concerning naturalisation or asylum procedures
  • Official documents, such as certificates of birth, marriage or death
  • Attestations like medical or registration certificates
  • Contracts
  • Leaving certificates, diplomas or certificates of good conduct
  • Court decisions, last will and testaments, affidavits or powers of attorney
  • Proofreading and editing

    I can optimise your written texts. Examples of texts could be letters, Bachelor or Master theses, advertising texts or contracts. Depending on the agreed performance scope, I pay attention – for example – to the following points:

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and syllable division
  • Harmonisation of different spellings (names, terms, abbreviations, font size and styles).
  • Style, expression and comprehensibility of your text
  • Legibility, syntax and logic

  • Proofreading, correcting, editing and optimising – I would be happy to make you a customised offer.

    Foreign language teaching and private lessons

    In addition to the courses I offer at the adult education centre (VHS) of Hamm, I offer private lessons as well as private tutoring in the Hamm area:

  • for professional or everyday life, for school or holidays
  • for individuals or small groups
  • for pupils, students and adults
  • for beginning and advanced learners
  • in German, French, English or Italian
  • What does it cost?

    The translation price is based on the number of lines translated and the line price: all the keystrokes (characters including spaces) of the target text are counted and then divided by the given number of 53 keystrokes by standard line.

    The price of a standard line depends on the language combination, length of text, specialist area and difficulty level of the source text. It is therefore calculated individually for each request.

    For small orders a minimum flat fee of €25 will be charged.

    Contact me for editing and foreign language teaching prices.

    According to the small business regulation (§ 19 UStG, Law on turnover tax), we do not charge the German turnover tax, and consequently do not account it.